Monday, November 8, 2010

Good Weekend

We went to the Temple Bird Show this past Saturday (November 6th).  The only bad part about it was the 6:30 am departure time on a Saturday.  But at least we got an extra hour of sleep that night.  We went to church and lunch with friends on Sunday and worked around the house all afternoon.  We went to see Megamind in the evening.  Cute movie.....some very funny parts and a feel good movie. 

This coming weekend we have our last wedding for this year out at Avalon.  Hopefully the weather will be nice for them. 

Short post.....hope you are all having a great Monday! 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Getting Back in the Thick of Things

Last night we had to shoot volleyball team and individual pictures for the students out at Snook.  It went very quickly.  The basketball and baseball shoots last so much longer since there are more teams and boys and girls. 

I have several meetings today at work and Darrin is working on stuff at the house and out at Avalon to get it ready for our wedding this weekend.  We are not shooting this one.  The one on the 30th is our last one to shoot for this year.  Hopefully the rain chance stays on Sunday for our wedding but we sure do need the rain. 

Hope your day goes great....

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Getting Back Into Posting....

I am going to try to get back into posting on our blog.  I know it has been forever since the last post (basically 18 months or something), so I won't do an update of what has happened since then.  I'll just start with now and go from there.

This weekend we went to San Antonio to go to my grandpa's funeral.  Jack Marion Janway was born on April 15, 1931 and died October 12, 2010.  It was a very sad but still happy time because I got to see family that I haven't seen in many years (some over 20 years).  Darrin and I drove in early Saturday morning and spent the day with my parents.  Sunday, Jonathan and Lauren made it in and we made it through the funeral and went out to eat with everyone for supper.  We had a good time catching up with everyone and left Monday evening.  Papaw will be buried in Tennessee tomorrow next to Memaw.  Wish we could make it to that funeral but at least we were able to go to the one in San Antonio with all the family. 

Avalon is going great.  We have three more weddings on the schedule for 2010.  Hopefully the weather continues to be beautiful for all of these brides.  We sure could use some rain though.  It is getting really dry out there and our irrigation system is getting a workout.  I'll try to put some recent pictures up.  Avalon is also on Facebook so if you want to like it, I will post the link later.

I'd better get going for now.  This Tuesday feels like a Monday and I have a full weeks worth of work to get accomplished in 4 days. :)

Have a great day!

Friday, January 30, 2009

January Happenings

Well....I see that this is my only post for January. Sorry. Things have been a little crazy here. We have been busy out at Avalon, helping friends and just regular work stuff. Here is a list of highlights for our January:

  • Our most exciting event was probably this---On January 17th, we went with Brian, LaNell and Zack to Austin on Saturday night to see a concert--They drove and then dropped us off at the house. We got back really late. We unlocked the door and opened it and heard a series of loud noises on the counter. Bahgeera (one of our cats) greeted us at the door so I knew it wasn't her. I was getting ready to yell at Moggie (our other cat) when Darrin turned the light on and a possum was staring at us. He was sitting on the counter with his front legs resting on the toaster. He hissed at us when we stepped closer. We called Brian and LaNell and asked them to come back. Brian is on crutches and we thought that might be useful so we didn't have to get too close to him. They came back and helped get him out. They opened the window by the sink and basically shooed him out. He jumped about 4 feet and was not very happy about it. The whole time they were getting the window open and stuff he was hissing and drooling right into the toaster. Tasty! (We actually have used the toaster after careful cleaning--we figured it gets really hot in there so it must kill everything).

    We think it is a possum we named Krispen and have been watching outside. He hangs around the bird cage. I am sure he is eagerly waiting for the june bug season--they congregate on the screen door of the bird cage when we have the light on. He was actually rather cute but Krispen needs to stay outside and not come inside. He didn't mess with anything except walking all over stuff in the lower cabinets and leaving dirty possum prints on stuff.

  • We also got our 14th wedding booked for Avalon and are waiting on the 15th to get her retainer money together. So that is excellent news for Avalon! We get regular calls from brides asking for information and have had regular appointments to show it as well. It is looking rather dead out there right now since the flowers have all died back. We are planting hundreds of bulbs this weekend so March will really be beautiful out there with the bulbs and plants coming back.
  • Darrin has been working really hard putting in new flowerbeds at Avalon. We are adding a few around the gazebo, well house and near the seating area of the gazebo. These flower beds will add additional photography places and be a nice area for people to hang out in at weddings. I have been painting shutters to put on the windows outside. They are a very pretty shade of green --Basically this color. We will be hanging those in the coming month.
  • We have been helping our friends, Brian and LaNell put up a storage building on their property. It has been fun and neat to see it's progress over the course of a few weeks. We (Darrin mostly :) ) helped with the framing of the house and then the painting of the primer. We had many hands to help with painting and that makes the job faster and more fun. Darrin was super fast with the roller and did a great job! Zack even painted and did a great job too.

  • We had one wedding to photograph on January 10th. It is the first of two weddings we have booked this year for the studio. Things have really slowed down at the studio this year. That is why it is so exciting that Avalon is going well! :)

  • I am currently putting all the tax information together for our 3 businesses. I love January! :) Everything seems to be coming together fairly easily this year which I am grateful for. I had to do the employee pay stubs, taxes, etc by hand this year since we stopped using Quickbooks and started using Successware which is a great management software for photography studios but it does not have a employee component. Since we only had two employees for the entire year, it didn't make any sense to pay someone else to do it. I did the end of the year stuff and everything balanced! yeah!

  • Darrin is on the board for the Professional Photographers Guild of Houston. He will be attending the monthly meetings again and doing the print competitions. Go Darrin!

That seems to be the biggest happenings in our lives this January. Sorry for the lack of posts for the month....maybe this long one makes up for it... :)

I hope you have a great weekend and start of February. It is so hard to believe a month is already gone in 2009...

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Big Farewell to 2008 and Hello to 2009

We wish everyone a very happy ending to 2008 and start of 2009. We hope it is your very best year yet and we look forward to hearing about all the new things that happen in your life!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Mexico Trip and Christmas

Things have been crazy at the Hill house over the last month. Here are a few of our big activities:

Wedding in Playa Del Carmen

We were asked to do photography at a destination wedding in Playa Del Carmen on December 13th. We left the DFW Airport on Thursday December 11th and got back on Sunday December 14th. It was a fun and tiring trip. We flew into Cancun and rode on a tour bus for 45 minutes to get to Playa Del Carmen. The driver got very close to obstacles and structures in the road but somehow managed not to hit anything. We arrived at the resort in one piece.

We stayed at the Gran Porto Real Resort which was right on the beach and was very nice. They gave us our room keys and we headed up to our room. Rebecca inserted the key into the door, swung the door open and found an older man in boxer shorts standing in the room. After slamming the door shut, and the little man sticking his head out asking if we needed something, we headed back down to get an unoccupied room. The rooms were nice and we had an ocean view if you looked past the swimming pool. We ate at a very tasty Italian restaurant that night and walked around the shopping area. The resort was all inclusive so our food and drinks at three restaurants were included in the price.

On Saturday morning (December 13th) we went on a snorkeling tour of their coral reef. It was pretty cold that day but the water was warmer than the air so it was tolerable. We did see some pretty sea fans and acropora as well as pretty fish and a sting ray. One of the guides caught a sea turtle and we got to take pictures with it. Saturday evening was the wedding out on the beach. During the ceremony while running for the best shot, Darrin broke his middle toe. He finished the wedding and even did family portraits afterwards on the broken toe. We joined the family for dinner and then went to find a bandage to wrap the toe. By that time it was a real nice purple. Darrin has broken a toe at two weddings and in both cases he wasn’t wearing shoes so it may be a new rule that Darrin wears shoes at weddings.

Christmas with Family

We celebrated Christmas a little early with Darrin's family. We all gatered at Duane's house on December 23rd for pizza and gift exchanging. It was a fun time and we enjoyed watching Casie and Ryan's excitement over the gifts they received.

I had to work Christmas Eve and then on Christmas morning we drove to San Antonio to see my family. We all gathered at my parent's house. It was a small group of my parents, grandpa, aunt and Darrin and I. We ate and played some 42 before my grandpa had to get home. Then we went out to the movies and saw Bolt---very funny....the hamster is really cute.

We jumped into the day after Christmas shopping frenzy at the outlet mall in San Marcos for a little while. It was fun and we found some great deals. We headed over to Kerrville that afternoon to see my grandpa and enjoyed Thai food for supper that night.

Saturday, we (My parents, Darrin and I) drove up to Abilene to see my brother Jonathan and his wife Lauren. It was nice to see them--we took them out to lunch and went shopping together. Jonathan just started a new job as an Assistant Manager at Walmart. He is in the middle of training and is enjoying it. I think he is going to do great.

Sunday we went to church with my parents and ate a quick lunch together. Darrin and I spent several hours driving around San Antonio picking up his Christmas Presents. They included, many coral frags, two clams and two sea urchins as well as some corals from an aquarium store. He was of course very happy. We ate dinner with my parents and headed back. We got all of Darrin's new purchases into the tank and headed home. We are both tired but enjoyed our weekend in San Antonio. It was nice to have a full 4 days with my parents and family.


Avalon is doing great! We have 11 weddings booked for next year and we got two calls just today about coming out to see Avalon. We purchased 53 more strands of lights to decorate the trees and deck as needed during weddings at Lowes this weekend. They were 99 cents each and quite the bargain. We also bought a whole lot of bulbs.....I wish we would have counted how many bulbs we have already planted but it would probably be safe to say it is over 300 and we bought another 200 or so. So we will have lots of flowers in February and March (hopefully) for our wedding in March.

We hope that you are doing great and had a wonderful Christmas!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Very Happy Thanksgiving

Darrin and I had a great Thanksgiving. We spent Thursday with Darrin's family at his brother Duane's house. It was a fun time of feasting and talking. We had enough food for a week it seemed. We split up to get caught up on our sleep or clean our house (which is what I worked on). Then a few of us met back at Darrin's parent's house for ham sandwiches, green bean casserole and whatever else we could fit in.

Friday we slept in and ate a late breakfast and went to Lowes and Produces Coop to buy a few things we needed for the birds and Avalon. We went out to Avalon at 4:00 to shoot pictures of Nancy's family. Nancy is our office manager at the Studio. We had fun with her crazy family and joined them for dinner at Wings N more afterwards.

Saturday we got up early and headed down to San Antonio to spend some time with my parents. We stopped at a few pet stores to look at their saltwater fish and corals and a few garden centers to look at their bulbs. We were a little depressed to realize that Lowes had a much better selection than any of them had.

We had two fun days with my parents eating and catching up. They were getting ready to go to Big Bend for 5 days so we were jealous but hope they have a great time.

We are headed to Mexico in 10 days so I guess we get our break pretty soon. We have a wedding at a resort in Playa Del Carmen on December 13th. They are flying us down there and paying for all our expenses. They are not paying anything for the wedding photography but I think a paid for vacation is a pretty good price.

I hope each of you had a very Happy Thanksgiving and are looking forward to a very Merry Christmas. I know I am. I need to get our decorations down this week.

Be safe and blessed!